The Masters of Modern

Title Release Date
Official Three color Pair Rankings | #119 02/16/2017
Magic Digital Next and Pro Teams | #118 02/07/2017
Modern Masters 2017 Predictions | #117 01/28/2017
Ban Announcments & Aether Revolt Review | #116 01/20/2017
Twin 2.0 & The State of Combo in Modern 01/13/2017
Aether Revolt Preview: “FATAL PUSH” & How Does Removal Shape Modern? 01/02/2017
Top Ten Green Cards in Modern | #113 12/24/2016
What Can Be UNBANNED in Modern? w/ Corey Burkhart | #112 12/16/2016
Best of 2016 Awards | #111 12/08/2016
New Format “Frontier” and World Championships 12/03/2016
Thanksgiving Thanks to Our Patrons 11/22/2016
Magic and Esports with Josh Kim 11/16/2016
Grand Prix Dallas with Corey Burkhart 11/11/2016
Building a Mana Base and Commander 2016 11/03/2016
From Platinum Pro to Making Magic with Andrew Brown 10/28/2016
Best Modern Cards from Kaladesh (2/2) 10/19/2016
Modern Cards from Kaladesh 10/15/2016
September/October Deck Doctors 10/05/2016
Top 20 Cards in Modern’s History 10/02/2016
Magic’s Ten Uncompleted Card Cycles 09/21/2016
Top 100 Cards in Modern’s History + Kaladesh Preview Card! 09/12/2016
PAX WEST: World Championship and Kaledesh first thoughts. 09/07/2016
Is Modern Diverse? & Triple Modern GP Weekend 09/01/2016
Conspiracy 2 and Modern Reprints 08/25/2016
Top 10 Ravnica Block cards for Modern 08/17/2016
Everything You Need to Know About Tempo / Modern Vampires 08/10/2016
From the Vault: Lore, Deck Doctors, and Modern Spirits! 08/02/2016
Top 10 Eldritch Moon Cards for Modern 07/27/2016
Twitter Question Marathon 07/05/2016
Eldritch Moon Preview Card – Whispers of Emrakul (LIVE!) 06/30/2016
Eldritch Moon First Thoughts with Matt Sperling 06/28/2016
Let’s Ban Blood Moon! 06/22/2016
Top 10 Cards from Eternal Masters we want to see in Modern 06/14/2016
Deck Doctors: June Edition 06/11/2016
Eternal Masters and GPLA / GP Charlotte 05/31/2016
Top 10 Favorite Cards: Live! From #GPLA at LA LIVE 05/24/2016
GPLA Preview + Best Sideboard Cards per Color with Sam Pardee 05/17/2016
Magic Lore with Shaun Penrod- LIVE! 05/10/2016
The Working Player’s Guide to Tournament Prep 05/03/2016
Modern Pro Tours and Platinum Rewards Changes with Paul Rietzl 04/26/2016
Everything You Need to Know About Mill 04/19/2016
Sweet New Brews: Werewolves, Zombies, Thopters, Oh My! 04/12/2016
Modern BANS and UNBANS! TOP 10 Shadows of Innistrad cards and more – Live! 04/05/2016
History of the Modern Ban list 03/29/2016
All 61 Modern Legal Planeswalker Rankings (Pt. 2/2) 03/22/2016
All 61 Modern Legal Planeswalker Rankings (Pt. 1/2) 03/15/2016
Eldrazi GP Weekend with Gerry Thompson – Bonus Episode! 03/10/2016
Shadows Over Innistrad and Patreon Deck Doctor…LIVE! 03/08/2016
Top 10 Cards in Kamigawa Block for Modern 03/01/2016
History of the Eldrazi Winter 101 and Reprint Policy 304 with The Professor 02/23/2016
UR Eldrazi & How To Top 8 a Pro Tour with Andrew Brown (Team East West Bowl) 02/15/2016
Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch: The Real Rise of the Eldrazi 02/09/2016
Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch Preview with Shaun Penrod 02/02/2016
Top Ten Oath of the Gatewatch cards for Modern with Brian David-Marshall 01/26/2016
SPLINTER TWIN BANNED?!?!? (also Summer Bloom) 01/19/2016
The Modern Bubble is a Comin’ and Oops All Turns 01/11/2016
Top Ten Blue Cards In Modern 01/06/2016
Oath of the Gatewatch Predictions with Josh Lee Kwai 12/18/2015
Should we Unban Stoneforge Mystic? Alex & Ben Answer Your Questions! 12/08/2015
GP Pittsburgh with Top 8 Finalist Corey Burkhart 12/01/2015
Tribes by the Colors 11/24/2015
November 2015 Brew off + Double Deck Doctor 11/16/2015
Top 10 Most Influential Cards in Mirrodin Block 11/09/2015
Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and RPTQ Report with Andrew Brown 11/04/2015
Top Ten Commons in Modern 10/27/2015
Top Decking and Anniversary Prize Give Away 10/20/2015
The New Scry & Steal of the Geist Head Brew 10/13/2015
Best Cards to Pick Up After Rotation and the Banning Announcements 10/06/2015
Top Ten Modern Cards from Battle for Zendikar 09/21/2015
Is Hearthstone a Competitor to Magic: The Gathering? 09/15/2015
A Year in Review with Magic Developer Tom Lapille | #50 09/08/2015
The World Magic Qualifiers and Favorite Khans Moments with Tom Lapille 09/04/2015
Cosplay, Battle for Zendikar Spoilers, and RG Tron with Ashlen Rose 08/24/2015
Speed Round Brews with Travis Woo 08/21/2015
An Interview with Patrick Chapin / Card Advantage vs. Velocity 08/17/2015
Grixis Control Deck Tech with Patrick Chapin 08/14/2015
Pro Tour: Magic Origins and #TeamGeist with Scott MacCallum 08/09/2015
Magic Philosophizing with Travis Woo 08/03/2015
Pro Tour Teams with Paul Rietzl and CoCo Naya 07/27/2015
Tournament Food and Health / Jeskai Miracles 07/20/2015
Modern Merfolk Deck Tech with The Professor from Tolarian College 07/17/2015
Top 10 Magic Origins Cards with The Professor from Tolarian College 07/13/2015
The Modern Price Spike with Jason Alt from Brainstorm Brewery 07/05/2015
Aggro and Zoo with Adrian Lopez from MTG Focus 06/27/2015
The Planeswalkers of Origins / Lantern Control with Zac Elsik 06/21/2015
The Power of Versatility and Superior Burning CoCo 06/13/2015
GP Vegas Recap: A Trip Through the Desert 06/06/2015
Modern Metagame / How Modern Masters 2 will effect Modern 05/22/2015
Modern Masters 2015 Review with Reuben Bresler 05/15/2015
Top Ten White Cards in Modern 05/08/2015
Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir & Looking Back at Khans Block 05/02/2015
Which Legacy cards should be in Modern? 04/24/2015
Liliana of the Veil / Modern Burn 04/17/2015
The Problem with Modern Pro Tours with Magic Designer Tom LaPille 04/10/2015
Magic Swag: the Pro Tour Grimoire / Affinity 2 04/03/2015
Modern Masters 2015 Predictions 03/27/2015
Top 10 Cards in Dragons of Tarkir 03/20/2015
Modern Finance with Chas Andres 03/13/2015
The Art of the Brewmaster / Living End with Travis Woo 03/06/2015
Is Modern Broken? With Matt Sperling 02/26/2015
Pro Tour Fate Reforged Breakdown / Amulet Bloom Combo 02/13/2015
Format Warping Answers / Modern Aristocrats 02/07/2015
Highlander Roulette with Game Designer Erich Weidetz 01/29/2015
Ban List Review / GP Denver Champion Andrew Brown 01/23/2015
Fate Reforged / Ban List Preview 01/16/2015
Top Ten Artifacts in Modern / Hunted Handsome 01/10/2015
8th and 9th Edition Review / RG Tron 12/20/2014
Good Competitive Play / Soul Sisters 12/12/2014
Welcome to the PRE-TQ / Abzan Junk Midrange 12/05/2014
In & Outs of the Mulligan / Modern Scapeshift 11/20/2014
Top 10 Modern Red Cards / Blue Red Delver 11/14/2014
Sweet Brews / Master Architect 11/08/2014
Modern Pro-Tours: A History / Splinter Twin 10/30/2014
Tournament Prep with GP Orlando Champion Eugene Hwang / Jeskai Ascendancy Combo 10/24/2014
An Aside on the Sideboard / Modern Merfolk 10/17/2014
The Modern Banned List / Melira Pod 10/10/2014
Judges Are Your Friend! / Modern Storm 10/02/2014
Modern Masters 2 Predictions / Jeskai Control 09/25/2014
Khans of Tarkir Modern Review 09/18/2014
Standard vs. Modern / Affinity 09/11/2014