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Block Changes, GP Vegas, Mardu Eldrazi with Corbin Hosler | #135 06/14/2017

On the eve before GP Vegas, possibly the largest Magic event in history, Wizards of the Coast made one of the biggest announcements in regards to block structure, and the printing of standard sets ever. Corbin Hosler of Brain Storm Brewery, DailyMTG, and Mining Modern subs in for Ben to co-host with Kessler this week to discuss all the exciting news, The upcoming Super GP, and break down a new Mardu Eldrazi list. With special…

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Saving Money in Commander with Jason Alt | #162 06/13/2017

Jason Alt joins the show to discuss financial preparation ahead of tribal decks in Commander 2017, Iconic Masters, and anything else special coming our way in Magic’s 25th year. Where to find Jason Alt: @JasonEAlt: Editor for Articles on EDHREC: Brainstorm Brewery Podcast: Money Draught Podcast: The 75% Theory: What We Mentioned on The End Step: Patriot (find it on Amazon Prime) The Wire We’re On YouTube and Facebook! Find…

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The State of Modern, Summer 2017 | #134 06/07/2017

Last weekend Modern got two Grand Prixs: Copenhagen and Kobe. This week, Kessler and Ben break down the different metagames of each tournament and all the spicy techs introduced to the format. They also go over the new leaked cards from “Hour of Devastation.” GP Copenhagen Top 8 Decks: GP Kobe Top 8 Decks: To Download Lifelinker: To unlock our sweet MMcast LifeLink Background donate to the MMcast Patreon!!!!. Follow us…

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Top 5 OVERRATED Cards in Commander | #161 06/06/2017

Hyperbole is a huge part of Magic: the Gathering culture. We love to proclaim that “X is the best card ever!” or that “If you play Y, you can’t lose”. While it’s fun to make these kind of bold statements, it also means we’re probably doing a disservice to just how good a card ACTUALLY is. Today we’re going to address 5 cards each that we think players have overrated in Commander. JOSH: 5. Birds…

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Archenemy: Nicol Bolas with Gavin Verhey l Game Knights #7 06/05/2017

In this episode, the knights are teaming-up against the most powerful villain in the multiverse, Nicol Bolas! Support the show and pick up your own copy of Archenemy: Nicol Bolas at Wizards of the Coast gave us early access the new Archenemy: Nicol Bolas product and we’re going three-vs-one against the set’s lead designer (and former pro player), Gavin Verhey. Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!! (Well, this time maybe three…) This…

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Effects of Masterpieces on Magic | #133 05/31/2017

Since Wizards of the Coast began printing Masterpieces in Standard, their effect on Magic pricing has been significant. Kessler and Ben break down how the sealed product economy works, and how Maseterpieces like Invocations and Expeditions affect card prices. To Download Lifelinker: To unlock our sweet MMcast LifeLink Background donate to the MMcast Patreon!!!!. Follow us on YouTube! Follow us on Twitch for future streams: To buy the sweet playmat along…

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The Netdecking Dilemma with Stybs | #160 05/30/2017

We welcome Adam Styborski (Stybs) to the show to discuss a range of topics, including a lively back and forth on whether or not websites like EDHREC and Netdecking are good for the Commander format. Where to Find Stybs: Articles on TCGPlayer: GatheringMagic Archive: What We Mentioned on The End Step: World of Warcraft: Legion We’re On YouTube and Facebook! Find our FULL Video Podcasts on YouTube and subscribe by clicking Here….

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Top 10 Black and Green Cards in EDH – Revisited | #159 05/23/2017

It’s been a while since our original top 10 reviews for Black and Green in EDH – we’re going back to revisit our picks and NOT look at our original lists – let’s see what’s changed. GREEN: OLD LISTS: JOSH 10 – Awakening Zone 9 – Acidic Slime 8 – Krosan Grip 7 – Genesis Wave 6 – Craterhoof Behemoth 5 – Doubling Season 4 – Greater Good 3 – Eternal Witness 2 – Oracle…

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Back to the Future (Magic Planes) | #132 05/23/2017

Marshal James from the “Do I Still Love It” Podcast joins Kessler and Ben as they go through Magic’s past blocks and discuss which sets we are most likely to return to and why. Which Mechanics do you want to see return the most? Which Characters? What will the story be? Which of the Gatewatch may make an appearance? We’re counting down from each set since Mirage block! To Find Marshal James: For…

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The Best Tutors in Modern | #131 05/17/2017

Do you like tool box strategies? Combo? Always having the card you need when you need it? Stretching your side board to its most Sideboardyness? In this weeks episode Kessler and Ben breakdown as many of the Modern tutors as possible, by category and power level, making sure that you know how to tutor for the tools you need in any situation.​ To Download Lifelinker: To unlock our sweet MMcast LifeLink Background donate to…

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